The Growth Pickaxe


The growth pickaxe is an unique item rewarded by the Mine Master in front of The Mine where you can complete the quest he gives you to get the item.
Once a pickaxe has been crafted it's name will be completely unique, it's extremely rare for two pickaxes to have the same name, this might or might not have an effect over the growth/strength of said pickaxe.


The Growth Pickaxe as it's name might or might not imply, is going to evolve along-side you. For each block you break the pickaxe will grow a little and will keep evolving.

The pickaxe will go through 5 stages, those being the Following:

  1. Wooden | +1 Rune slot
  2. Stone | +1 Rune slot
  3. Iron | +1 Rune slot
  4. Gold | +1 Rune slot
  5. Diamond | +1 Rune slot ( Right-Click Ability )
  6. Netherite | +1 Rune slot ( Eldrich Rune )

As seen above, each stage unlocks a new rune slot, those rune slots can be slotted with their respective runes, the first couple of slots are compatible with the vast majority of weak runes that are also compatible with other 'Growth' items, such as the ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■ item,


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