The ChunkByte Guide


Welcome to ChunkByte!
We're happy to have you, thanks for joining the server. In this text-based tutorial we're going to go through and explain everything that's happening on the server, all of the custom items, all of the mechanics and systems, as well as a documentation, or rather wiki, of all of the quests!

The Scope

The scope of chunkbyte originally was the freedom of speech on a simple minecraft vanilla server, but one thing led to another and we have now created the current version of chunkbyte, we still believe in the original freedom of speech scope and will never forget about it.

Table of contents

Tutorial Title About
Mechanics Full tutorials about the Mechanics of ChunkByte
Items of ChunkByte Learn more about the currently implemented items
Quests Get familiar with the many quests we offer and their rewards
Collectables A list of all the collectables
Achievements With the achievements you can gain different cosmetic items



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