Freedom of speech
Join our server and express your opinion freely, we believe that freedom of expression is one of the most basic human rights!
fully custom
Our developers are working hard on implementing new features, new items, mechanics and much more!
unique idea
Chunkbyte is like no other, join in and grab your own world, populate it with your own chunks and grow with it!

About us

Enjoy the best vanilla and custom gameplay combined together

We believe that the base game should not be something to discard but embrace, we abstrain from limiting basic minecraft features or dramatically changing the way gameplay works and use the base game as a foundation to add to

A few things we're great at

Our experience with the game, team management and this being a passion project helps us come together to create a great experience
In a world where censor is the norm, we believe that you should be able to contest ideas, contradict staff and give your opinion the same value as someone in a higher position.
Adding new items has actually become more of an addiction, adding all kinds of new amazing items that work really well complementing our gameplay mechanics.
We love to publicly experiment with new features and gain opinions from our community as to how to proceed, how to evolve and which direction we should go.
Our team is composed of senior MineCraft players, ever since 2009 we've been playing it, developing it and experiencing the game as players ourselves.

Our Features

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Maximize your power level by completing our custom dungeons, join a party and share the loot with your friends
ChunkByte World
Your own world, but it's missing all the chunks! Start growing your world by collecting new chunks and expanding it!
Living World
Explore a vast and unique world, forget the old systems of minecraft and come learn the new mechanics and develop your skills

Our Team

Our small lead team is currently still growing and we're doing our best to get this project as far as possible together.


Project Manager



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